Playing for change, singing for peace


DJ Alec Lomami

Style : Rap
Pays : RDC

Born in Congo and based in the United States, rhythm is at the heart of DJ Alec Lomani’s music. Frenzied rhythms that mix sounds from the past and the present. He creates a diverse musical landscape that ranges from afrobeat to house music, by way of rumba and traditional music.

Also working as a producer, his eclectic rap showcases his beautiful voice. Alex Lomani brings together in his music his multiple influences as well as the soundscapes that he connects with. His life experience makes him a unique artist. He survived war, incarceration and forced immigration. This sadness turned into a melancholy which can be felt in every note of his compositions which alternate between sadness and joy. Congolese classics are mixed with the newest sounds coming out of the DRC.

Lomani’s songs build upon each other to form a brilliant and attractive whole. A beautiful balancing act which is not to be missed!