Playing for change, singing for peace


About the Festival Amani

The Amani Festival is an ABSL that has the following objectives: 

  • get people together for a cultural and celebratory event, far from the daily problems and the effects of war - to create a place where the people of the Great Lakes can meet, and so start to build a way forward together.

  • improve Goma’s image, along with that of the East of DRC and the Great Lakes. To show how both the young and the less young of this region have a real desire to use their talents to build a better future.


Building together

We believe that a better future depends on each one of us and that we must work together to build it. 


We believe that dynamism and innovation are crucial for the development and prosperity of our region.  

Protecting of the environment

We believe that the well-being of the individual and of the community requires each one of us to commit to protecting the environment and keeping it clean.

Personal commitment

To realise the three values above we believe that we should all give generously of our time and energy.


The idea of a big music and dance festival came from the people who work at Goma’s Foyer Culturel. Their aim was to promote peace in the region and culture.

Young volunteers and trainers at the foyer joined forces and decided to transform art and music into means to express and awareness around peace. This is why the festival is called Amani, that means peace in Swahili.

The idea emerged following the success of the Sanaa weekends, events during which the local talents (musicians, comedians, dancers…) from Goma take the stage. 

By inviting famous musicians and groups from the region and beyond, this festival will attract thousands of young people and give them an opportunity to forget their daily troubles, to think about peace and living together in harmony.

With no experience nor training in organising events on such a scale ( 30 000 people present), the organisers from the foyer decided to give it a go and make it a success!

With the support of the festival’s promoter and a few friends with experience in organising events, the 1st edition was supposed to take place in August 2013 but had to be cancelled due to the security situation in Goma. Instead, a support concert tool place in Kinshasa.


7ième édition 2020

  • 34.500 attendants
  • 65 stands of Associations, NGOs & Entrepreneurs
  • 810 volunteers
  • 25 groupes de musiciens et danseurs
  • 2 plateaux radio (Radio Okapi et Bénévolencija)
  • 15 WE de concerts / performances artistiques devant plus de 4000 personnes
  • 10 jours de caravanes (spectacle itinérant dans toute la ville de Goma)
  • 11 ateliers - résidences - panels artistiques
  • 137 projets entrepreneurs participant au concours Entrepreneuriat, dont 10 projets sélectionnés et 4 soutenus par le Festival
  • 50 équipes participantes à l'Ekiden Amani, dont 6 athlètes à mobilité réduite

Some of the artists present at the last festival include: Faada Freddy, Mbilia Bel, Didier Awadi, Professor Jay, Innoss'B, Dobet Gnahoré, Steup Up Crew, Acrobates, Gaz Mawete, Euforquestra, Céline Banza, Serge Cappuccino, UsX & Izoard, Grand Mike Jazz, Jam Session, Alphaz, Honoman, Glomaneka, SLM, Bill Ruzima, Ndaane, Kris Dane / Slam, Requiem pour la Paix, ...

6th edition 2019

  • 36.000 attendants
  • 75 stands of Associations, NGOs & Entrepreneurs
  • 810 volunteers from 13 nationalities
  • 35 groups of musicians and dancers
  • 3 scènes et 4 résidences artistiques
  • 408 runners in teams of 6 at Ekiden Amani

Some of the artists present at the last festival include: Fally Ipupa, Youssoupha, Ruth Tafébé, Lady Jaydee, Alisheur Amouly, Joly Malonga, Nkento Bakaji, Alif Naaba, Mortal Combo, Yvan Buravan, Infrappa, Knowless, Gaël Faye, Dj Spilulu, DJ Alec, T-Saint Arrow, Kareyce Fotso, Nasfi Power, Life Song, Baloji, Anick Michael

5th edition 2018

  • 35,000 attendants
  • 74 stands of Associations, NGOs & Entrepreneurs
  • 730 volunteers from several nationalities (Congolese, Rwandan, Belgian, French, Tanzanian, etc…)
  • 30 groups of musicians and dancers from DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo-Brazzaville, France, Belgium, ...
  • 378 runners in teams of 6 at Ekiden Amani

Some of the artists present at the last festival include: Ferre Gola, Dub Inc., Jupiter & Okwess, Maurice Kirya, Aganze Premier, Zao, Té Tan, José Chameleone, BCUC, Yemba Voice, Irene Ira, Anderson Mukwe, Young B, Dj Damas, DJ USX, Dj Color, CED Koncept, Kerim Kaduro, ...

4th edition in 2017

  • 34 000 festival goers
  • 23 singers and groups of musicians
  • 17 groups of traditional and modern dancers
  • 550 committed volunteers
  • 70 exhibitors in the Kwa Kesho Bora village 
  • 10 grants of $1000 given to artistic and entrepreneurship projects
  • 250 athletes for a the Ekiden race

Some of the performers in 2017: Sauti Sol, Jean Goubald, Yewande Austin, Fabregas, Boddhi Salva, DJ Amaroula, Bolivar M’vulu, Franc issa Le Rossignol, Life Story, Thomas Lusango, 4 langues, Robat King, Magic Pinokio, René Byamungu,…

3rd edition in 2016

  • 33 000 festival goers
  • 30 music and dance groups 
  • 10 trainee entrepreneurs, 4 grants provided, 4 businesses launched in Goma
  • 6 performers received financial help with their artistic projects
  • 80 innovative and voluntary organisations in the Kwa Kesho Bora village
  • 4 artististic workshops510 runners took part in the Ekiden relay race
  • 400 volunteers made this all possible!

Some of the performers in 2016: Nneka, Ismël Lo, Werrason, Zao, Kode, le Trio Ali Keita-Yvonne Mwale-Joel Sebunjo, Angel Mutoni, JC Kibombo, Black Man Bausi, Innoss’B Sango’A...

2nd edition in 2015

  • 29 000 festival goers
  • 70 local and international NGOs in the Kwa Kesho Bora village
  • 500 volunteers

Some of the performers in 2015: Tiken Jah Fakoly, Habib Koité, Bill Cliton, Mani Martin, Mayaya, Junior Grigo, Lion Story,Willy Stone, Mista Faba, Grp Kistanga Tusti “Kahé “...

1st edition in 2014

  • 25 000 festival goers
  • 63 local and international NGOs in the Kwa Kesho Bora village
  • 400 volunteers
  • 1 master class with Lokua Kanza

Some of the performers in 2014: Lokua Kanza, Lexxus Legal, Innos’B, Mani Martin, Tonton Lusambo, Fal-J, Jessica Kill, Groupe Matakiyo, Groupe Folk, Pinochet, Maraben, Maguru...

Watch this beautiful video that summarises the first 4 editions

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