Playing for change, singing for peace


Our caravans go and meet Goma habitantsPublished on 21 January 2019

A few days before the launch of the 6th edition of the Amani Festival, young volunteers meet the people of Goma to talk about the values of the festival.

A small sunset over the city of Goma, young volunteers go out on a big truck on which big speakers have been installed. The sound of the music tries to dominate that of the horns of the buses parked at Signers roundabout which is the starting point of our caravan. Curious onlookers come forward. They want to hear about the Amani Festival. We travel through different parts of the city in this big truck. Along the way, a host recalls the values of the festival to the people: Building together by working together, Innovating through entrepreneurship, Protecting our environment, and giving the gift of self through volunteering.

These caravans are also an opportunity to promote young local artists. This Friday, January 18th, a stage has been set up on the caravan truck. The Monteska and Urban Girls dance groups offer a free show at each of the truck’s stops. They have been selected to participate in the 6th Amani Festival.

Over time, these caravans that will be going out until the eve of the festival allow the public to better prepare for their participation in the region’s biggest music festival. It is also an opportunity for festival sponsors accompanying these caravans to advertise their promotions. This year, the telecommunications company ORANGE offers a third free ticket to customers who buy 2 festival tickets through its service Orange money!

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