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Women at Amani FestivalPublished on 8 February 2019

We are just seven days away from Amani Festival kicking off on Friday the 15th February 2019. We have been counting down the days since last year’s festival and we are finally here. Tickets are being bought by the dozen and artists are arriving to the city. There is a real buzz in Goma!

Like every year, we look forward to the performers and artists from around the world. But this year Amani festival is going to be bigger and better. Our list of talented artists is our longest yet; from BCUC and to Baloji, to Knowless to DJ Spilulu and much more.

This year, Amani festival would like to draw your attention to a very important group of people that will be working endlessly over the 3 day festival: Women! Yes there are many of them but we would like to focus on all the women that are involved this year. Not only do we have a huge number of confident females working day and night to make sure this festival is a success but we also want to highlight all the talented female artists and entrepreneurs. The talent among these ladies is phenomenal.

In society, it is common for women to be overlooked and out shined by others. History and some cultural practices too have prevented women to be the best they can be. However things are changing. Today more so than ever, African females are reshaping not just the continent but the world. Females are feeling more and more empowered and women across the world are showing their personalities, ideas and talent. And at Amani festival we want to give females the opportunity to do this and pay the respect they deserve. It is so important for the next generations, girls and boys to understand gender equality and their self-worth.

Amani festival will be showcasing fresh new female talent as well as renowned international artists across the three days. The festival kicks off with the beautiful folk singer from Cameroon Kareyce Fotso. On Saturday, watch out for “Urban girls” who will blow you off your feet with their rhythm and dance moves. Make sure you check out Knowless, the fierce Rwandan singer with an incredible voice. Sunday brings you performances from Lady Jaydee, Visiones Dance and Nkento Bakaji which is an all-female band.

Click on the “Program” page to find the festival’s full itinerary and more details on each female performer.

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