Playing for change, singing for peace


Peace, music and now fashion.Published on 17 February 2019

For the last 6 years Amani has focused on providing three days of peace and enjoyment with music, culture and entertainment, which continues so beautifully. However this year the festival goers have added something alongside all of this: fashion.

Walking around the festival you will see people dressed in the finest prints and cuts head to toe. Sneakers, sunglasses, head gear and even stickers you will see people of all ages dressed at their best. Rain or sunshine, the weather has not stopped them too. One male dressed in a khaki knee length winter coat, disregarded the 25 degree weather and was zipped up. People are committed to looking good.

Nothing beats sheer confidence and charm.

Audience members have been seen dressed in everything from three piece suits, designer socks to face paint and fur. We asked a female about her choice of outfit for the festival:  African print skirt with a matching top and head band. She explained “It is tailor-made made, from a local textile artist. I wanted to wear this to the festival because all my friends and family are here.”  

“It’s just fun.”

Take a quick look through this year's Amani festival styles:

We strongly believe African fashion needs to make its own stand in the fashion world for its boldness and originality. Renowned supermodel Naomi Campbell said “There should be a Vogue Africa. Africa has never had the opportunity to be out there and have their fabrics, materials and designs accepted on the global platform … it shouldn’t be that way.”

Amani festival could not agree more. African fashion needs to be further acknowledged and appreciated on a global scale. We are so excited and proud to see these colourful, bold prints and styles throughout the festival.

Look out for local brands and fashion designers at the festival. There are various stands during the 3 day weekend to celebrate and promote local artists.

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