Playing for change, singing for peace


“Music has no gender.”Published on 20 February 2019

This year comes to an end with phenomenal performances from a range of females.

The 3 day, multi stage event catered to Congolese, its neighbouring countries and its growing diaspora with the most diverse female artists, entrepreneurs and workforce. The festival catered to twelve thousand guests each day and created an unforgettable experience.

Amani ensured that not only the female artists were promoted but the female audience were pleased that their gender was being represented. Rwandan singer, Knowless won both male and female hearts by performing a show where the audience were singing and dancing throughout. And Lady Jaydee gave a stunning performance on Sunday afternoon. Regardless of the rain, she shone brightly.

The fresh new male group R Afrika says “Music has no gender. We are all equal.”

A younger generation of advocators on fairness is emerging throughout Africa today and redefining feminism from an African perspective and it is exciting to see. There are still enormous hurdles for females to overcome in fighting for gender equality. But people are becoming more aware and wanting to make a stand against injustices, in the country and worldwide.

Across the festival site, local businesses run by females were also sharing their exciting work within non-governmental organisations, food, tourism and fashion. Local fashion designer says “Being a woman is challenging yet exciting. It is fun to see people’s faces when they realise it’s a woman behind the business. It pushes me to do better.”

The term “female empowerment” was ever-present at the festival, particularly at the “NGO” stands. Organisations were explaining the country’s long battle against violence and restrictions against women which is still very evident. Talk about how we can promote female empowerment was happening over the 3 days. Amani wanted to emphasise that gender equality is a fundamental human right and it will lay the foundations for a peace and prosperity. We welcome more and more guests and artists to join us in the future and promote this notion proudly across the nation.

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