Playing for change, singing for peace


T-Saint Arrow

Style : Rnb
Pays : RDC

In 2017, this young musician, composer, guitarist and performer from Goma moved the continent with his performance at The Francophone Voice, one of the biggest musical shows in French-speaking Africa. Since then, he has been living in Ivory Coast.

Born in 1997, T-Saint Arrow was on the music scene for more than six years, learning his craft and forging his identity. A lifelong defender of children's rights, T-Saint Arrow wants his works to be meaningful and useful.

His simple and personal writing conveys with sincerity and a good dose of hope, the daily scenes of life in Goma.

His debut album "Wake up Arrows" is an exhortation to Congolese and African youth, a reminder to take charge of their own stories, a cry that announces the sunrise. This concept album with 8 songs written and recorded in Goma in 2015 features the biggest names of the Goma music scene such as Dr Quat, Junior Diclan, Willstone under the direction of producer Serge Mpiana. With his vocal talent and his commitment, there is no doubt that T-Saint Arrow will make its place in the Congolese musical landscape.