Playing for change, singing for peace



Style : Rock’n’roll
Pays : France

Street art rocks out at this year’s Amani Festival, with this marching band of kindhearted hooligans!

Mortal Combo are a group made up of up to 18 members known for their eclectic personalities, compositions and artistic practices. With their hard-rock stylings, complete with leather vests, heavy make-up and toughened grins, these fake baddies are sure to make an impression.

Their monumental energy stirs the passion of the crowds, intoxicated by the brass instruments, saxophones, electric guitars and portable drumkits all expertly played by various artists united by a shared repertoire and identity.

Further defying classification, Mortal Combo also play as a sextet (musical composition for six instruments or voices) all the while mixing different musical styles, with a rock ‘n’ roll sound.

So be prepared to rediscover classics, sprinkled with reggae, disco and punk inflections! Get ready to be whipped up as these hard heads take you on a musical journey.  

It’s gonna swing, it’s gonna jazz things up and most of all, it’s gonna rock!